Wednesday, May 5, 2010

One down....three to go...

I took my first Civil Service exam today. First the typing test. I had the opportunity to take the typing exam twice...if I didn't hit 40 words a minute with either of those two, the test was over. Imagine my joy when I passed it the very first try. YAY! This is a milestone, especially since I really don't type well at all...thank GOD for the backspace key! Second up, the grammar, spelling, filing, people skills, etc...oh...and math....ugh! I hate math, I find it intimidating. And we couldn't use a calculator. I did my best. I hope I get the results soon. Next, I return to Harrisburg next Tuesday, for more exams, this time two in one day... Pray for me.

I really hope one of these jobs goes through. Right now, I'm hoping for the DPW, CYS Case Aide or Driver's License Center positions...only one of them, of course.

I'll keep you informed.

Oh, and a shout out to my sis,BEV, who loaned me her GARMIN GPS for the's awesome! Thanks BEV!

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