Thursday, December 10, 2009

"My Entry For the Kia Sorento Ultimate Road Trip Sweepstakes"

I'm asked to answer the question:
"If you could take your family on a road trip anywhere, where would you go and why?"

I'd say a cross country jaunt would be my pick. I drove here, to Pennsylvania from California, about 20 years ago. I drove here with all my worldly possessions, in a Yugo, not much room to breathe in that car, and I didn't have the resources or the time to enjoy the trip like I wanted to. I missed so much on that trip. I'd love to do it again, the right way. I want to enjoy the trip, the sights, the people. And I'd love to see the people I left behind in California, who I miss so very much.

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Good Luck and Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays!